Are you a woman in pain, stressed or whose hormones are out of whack?

You know how it is; you are trying to balance work, your personal life and seeing to the needs of those around you- leaving you feeling pretty done in! You’re frustrated as you may have tried pain medication, hormonal medication, anti depressants, generic massage, osteopathy, exercise, yoga…. Maybe these help to a degree but you’re still left struggling.

​Are you looking for relief from pain and stress? Do you need help interpreting what is happening in a body that can feel like a mystery? When we understand how hormones,  emotions, and physiology work together inside us it becomes easier to find the help we need and to learn how we can help ourselves.

You can have relief from pain as well as learn to harness your hormones. You can learn to ride the stream of your emotions with knowledge and power.

Where to get started? Well, firstly you could download the Cycle Awareness PDF where you will get some great info on tapping into the wisdom of your own body.

And you may be wondering if this approach is right for you? Click here to find out who really benefits from this work.