Therapeutic Massage

Are you a busy woman who is struggling with ongoing pain? Maybe you have a more recent injury that makes general functioning a real challenge? Not easy when you’re juggling work, home life, love life, kids, elderly parents, life admin…

You’ve had ongoing neck, upper back and shoulder issues. Often a desk job is at the root of these problems and office politics and stress add real physical tension to those same areas. Perhaps exercise, analgesics and generic massage haven’t been enough to keep the pain at bay as none of these address the whole picture. Your body isn’t simply made up of isolated parts. Your whole body-mind organism is a beautiful inter-related entity and to get you feeling great, let’s bring it all together by looking at:

  • The understanding that how you are doing emotionally is reflected in your body, “issues in your tissues!”
  • The ripple effect that an injury has on the rest of your body.
  • How Pain and tension can be the result of misalignment somewhere else.
  • The magic that simply calming your nervous system is the first step to bringing your whole being into regulation.
  • How, just as your body can hold onto tension, your body can release it!


I’ve never had a massage before, what should I expect?

A bit nervous that this isn’t really your thing and that you won’t be able to “relax”? The treatment will give you what you need in terms of length, pressure and focus. The trick is to try not to have expectations and be open to the experience, you may be surprised!

What should I wear?

Worried that Swedish style nudity will be involved?! Fear not, you’ll be in your underwear and covered in towels.

Is there anything I need to do in preparation?

Planning your visit and working out the logistics? Very simple, don’t come with a belly full of food and most importantly block your diary out for a couple of hours after your treatment. The effects of the massage will be so much deeper if you allow time for your body to process the changes.

“Bella takes a really holistic approach to women’s health. I came to her because of back and neck tension and pain but her treatments have also been able to help with stomach and digestive issues which I was not expecting. My treatment time is also an oasis of calm away from the busy-ness of everyday life. I wish I could come more often!”
Natasha, Oxford

“Bella’s Therapeutic Massage certainly does what it says on the tin and
is indeed therapeutic. Bella has a gift for finding the parts that needs
some TLC, then gives it, leaving you feeling better and calmer.”
Jan, East Oxford

“Bella’s massages have been a really important contribution to my recovery from trauma. Her capacity for sensitivity and attunement mean that I feel very safe and held so that my mind and body can really relax”
Sarah, East Oxford

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90 minute treatments- £85
60 minute treatments- £60