Post Natal Massage

You’ve recently given birth or have had a baby in the last year. Nobody told you it would be quite like this! Delightful and delicious as your baby might be, you didn’t realise it would be this 24/7! You may be juggling giving your baby beautiful care whilst managing cracked nipples, sore breast feeding shoulders, c-section scars, episiotomy, haemorrhoids, lower back pain, sleeplessness….

Even if you have a super attentive partner or family member who cooks you fantastic meals or holds your baby so you can get some sort of shut eye, food, sleep and practical help can only take your healing so far.

When you baby is born your serotonin levels (the neurotransmitter that contributes to feelings of wellness) drop and stay low for a year after birth. This is actually nature’s very clever way of making sure that you stay on high alert so that you can give your baby super attentive care. Even if your baby sleeps, your own sleep quality won’t be great. However, oxytocin (your special feel good love hormone) flows freely when you cuddle or feed your baby and of course when you receive massage! And not just any massage (wonderful as your significant other might be!). Finding a practitioner with experience and expertise in birth processes and their effect on the body is really important at this time.

In post natal massage we can explore:

  • The sweet blessing exhausted new mums can experience from deep rest when given time, space and one-to-one therapeutic care
  • The understanding that when you are caring for your baby, you are using your body in a whole new lopsided way. Nothing is the same! Care needs to include structural rebalancing for the body.
  • How the key to healing your extraordinary, tender and worn out post natal body-mind, is to explore in some detail how your whole being was affected during the birth and delivery of your baby.
  • The overlooked fact that you abdominal organs have massively shifted after birth and need loving care to return to their new normal. Vital for good digestion, bowel movements and generally feeling yourself again (your gut and your brain are intimate friends!)
  • The truth that you cannot give from an empty vessel. In order for you to give unlimited love to your little one, your own sustenance pot needs filling too.


How soon after my baby is born can I have a massage?

You may be feeling particularly and understandably fragile after the birth of your baby and worried that massage could make it worse. Rest assured that you can come as soon as you feel ready, in the first days and weeks of becoming a mother the treatment will be gentle, following your body’s own pace.

I’m worried about leaving my baby.

You and your baby have maybe had little time apart and the idea of being separated for a couple of hours is a challenge. Fear not, there are two ways around this; bring your partner or a friend to look after your little one while you have your treatment or bring your baby in a car seat and we will wing it! One way or another, it always works out

“Postnatal massage with Bella is such a wonderful, restorative experience.
Not only incredibly relaxing physically, Bella also provides a great source of emotional support. She provides a deeply relaxing massage tailored exactly to what you need based on what you chat about when you arrive. Bella creates a space to talk and to offer advice if this is helpful to you but also a place for quiet during the massage itself.As well as alleviating post-pregnancy and new mum aches and pains Bella has also helped me with underlying issues – a difficult recovery from an unplanned c-section, irregular cycles and preparation of the system for a second baby. I’m convinced I have her to thank for a much easier journey conceiving my second baby!
I always come away from a treatment with Bella feeling like I’ve had a complete system reboot. She somehow knows exactly what the body needs. It’s by far the most relaxing and restorative massage I’ve ever had!”
Katie, Oxford

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