Breast Cancer Support & Scar Work

You are living with breast cancer or perhaps living beyond your illness and have been left with ongoing side effects from your treatment. Fatigue, decreased shoulder function, scar pain and uncomfortable menopausal symptoms, as well as stress or anxiety are hard to shift- making day-to-day living a struggle.

Despite endless resting, shoulder exercises, scar moisturising and relaxation techniques… you are still left suffering.

The body-mind relationship is often overlooked; comfort in your body results in ease of mind. Similarly if you are stressed or anxious, it is likely that you will be in greater pain. All of which can leave you feeling isolated and withdrawn from the world around you. Hands on therapy to accompany you on your journey through and beyond breast cancer can help bring ease and relief to your whole body-mind experience.

In our sessions we can explore how:

  • The often surprising source of pain and discomfort after breast reconstruction is in a woman’s tissue donor site (DIEP, TRAMS flaps …) rather than the reconstructed breast itself.
  • The whole body-mind tension often felt during and after invasive treatment can be relieved through gentle foot work and reflexology
  • The absolute magic bullet to overcoming most treatment side effects (fatigue, peripheral neuropathy, sleeplessness, hot flushes, anxiety…) is often, very simply, good exercise.
  • An essential modality to regaining shoulder mobility and ease is through hands on scar tissue and soft tissue therapy
  • The key to overcoming hurdles to regaining your strength is maintaining good pelvic and gut health.


Is massage safe when I have cancer?

Are you worried that massage will spread cancer or make it worse? The fear that touch modality will cause metastasis is no longer an issue in the oncology community. Research now shows that the disease spreads due to genetic mutation, not because of mechanical forces such as massage or exercise.

Are there any times I should avoid coming for a massage?

It is highly possible that you are either going through or have gone through invasive treatment, leaving you anxious about how your body will assimilate something new. There are a few considerations; if you have recently had breast surgery- it is best to wait until 6 weeks after your operation before you can receive scar work. If you are going through a round of chemotherapy and are feeling particularly unwell- let’s wait until one of your good days when your body will be more receptive to massage. If in doubt, please contact me to discuss this.

Do you offer reduced rates?

Living with a cancer diagnosis often means that funds can run low, making this journey particularly arduous, any extra costs means extra stress. If money is an issue, please don’t hesitate to contact me about receiving treatments at reduced rates.

Can I cancel my appointment last minute?

Managing breast cancer treatment can lead to life being pretty unpredictable. This is especially the case if you are going through chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Please rest assured that if on the day of our appointment together you have woken up feeling unwell, my usual cancellation policy will not apply and I am more than happy to reschedule.

Will massage be painful?

Your body may be feeling particularly sensitive at this time and caution is understandable. Massage should not feel invasive or painful. The pressure and areas being treated will be adapted to suit your needs. Please note that I never massage over tumours or areas of inflammation. Similarly I do not work on areas of recent radiotherapy, around ports or PICC lines. You will be pleased to know that the aim of our sessions is to make you feel comfortable!

Do you do home visits?

If you are feeling particularly fatigued and the thought of travelling for a treatment is daunting, please contact me to arrange our session together in the comfort of your own home.

“Bella seems to really understand the impact that cancer has had on my life and has helped me move forward” Jane, Oxford

How it works

First off, contact me here for a 20 minute free phone consultation. I would love to know a little more about you before we meet in person so I can understand your needs. If it feels ok for you, we can discuss where you are on your journey with breast cancer and how you can best be supported. It may be through gentle foot work and reflexology, scar work or gentle therapeutic massage.

We can also look at some lifestyle changes you could make to help make this journey a little easier. This can also be an opportunity to debrief on how you are feeling about all aspects of your life as it is now; your emotional health, sleep, food, relationships, work, exercise…


90 minutes session £85
60 minutes session £60

*Please note that if you are currently undergoing breast cancer treatment of any kind (other than hormone therapy), a 60 minute treatment should be enough as any longer may be too much for your body to assimilate.