I have worked as a body worker all my adult life (I’ll spare you having to guess how long that is- at the time of writing I’m 43!). I have tasted many of the blessings and challenges of living in a female body: fertility challenges, pregnancy loss, births, being a mum and dipping into the menopause. Experience which has of course included a few wrong turns but has been the driving force to my having helped thousands of women.

My training started with understanding and treating pain through the Jing Medical Massage series and from there evolved to focus on women’s health through Well Mother Pregnancy and Arvigo Abdominal work.

My birth hero, world renown obstetrician, Michel Odent was already a ripe old age when I met him 8 years ago so I felt particularly blessed to be trained by him as a doula. Since then, I have had the enormous privilege of supporting over 30 women with their birth experiences.

I realised that when a woman comes to my treatment room, she brings her whole self alongside; troubles at home, family difficulties, previous trauma, heart break… My desire to give women excellent holistic support led me to train with One of Many as a life coach and I have been deeply moved by seeing first-hand how coaching can unlock a woman’s potential and bring about radical and life enhancing changes.

I have felt very lucky to be part of a community of women, both professional and otherwise, whose combined knowledge and experience has been a wellspring of nurture and inspiration guiding the work I do.

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