Oxford Well Woman focuses on 4 main principles to help women have a good sense of wellbeing

  1. The whole picture. We are each a constantly changing body-mind experience. Emotions are felt primarily in the body, generally in the belly. Physical pain, while felt in the body, is interpreted by the brain. Pain is a mind/body experience and successful treatment and management work with both.
  2. Flow. Haemodynamics is all about flow. Movement of blood/lymph/energy flow to the muscles, organs and other tissues is reduced if there is tightness or constriction present. As a result, the body struggles to work optimally. Appropriate movement bodywork is a good antidote to this.
  3. Trust. Homeostasis. The body wants to be healthy and it constantly strives to maintain healthy balance. We can trust our bodies to know what they need. Sometimes the care needed is little and just enough to nudge things in the right direction.
  4. Focus. A woman’s reproductive health is central to her overall wellbeing. Focus placed on the menstrual cycle can give valuable insight into overall health. Generally a healthy reproductive system = a happy woman!

When you bring understanding of these elements together, you are definitely on the right track to feeling great inside and out. Sign up for regular info on how you can optimise health and happiness.